Starts off with some pretty crazy electro then leads into a few fidget tracks then into some tech house. Actually, I don't even know what the hell genre this mix falls in but it's around 128 bpm. Lots of waaahh waaahh and unn tsss unn tss in it. Give it a listen!

Also note, it's a bit of a tribute to a lot of my favourite artists on here.

  1. Creepy - Boltan (Mightyfools mix)
  2. Booty Move - TJR
  3. Party Favour - Fantastadon, Hot Pink Delorean
  4. Rocket Action Hero feat. A Girl And A Gun - The Bulgarian ( Hot Mouth Mix)
  5. Coup D’etat - Bass Kleph (Hook N Sling mix)
  6. Head Trick - Santiago & Bushido (rework)
  7. One Time We Lived - Moby (HiJack’s One Time Mix
  8. Chop - Bingo Players
  9. Pull Out - Femme En Fourrure
  10. Lleba - Camel
  11. Funk Parliament - Spencer & Hill
  12. Got it Going On - Chris James
  13. T.E.A.S.E - Yacek, Hot Mouth
  14. Bring Back the Duck feat. Mc Duke - The Squatters (Bulgarian mix)
  15. Clean It - Mightyfools

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